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Healing every wednesday

Welcome to join Nefertiti cosmic healing sessions every Wednesday from your  home

Nefertiti cosmic healing is a highly vibrant healing energy together with the masters, goddesses, angels, the galactic guides and your soulmates. A transforming method for the consciousness of the fifth dimension.

The healing flows through 144 dimensions and expands our 12 chakras and creates a flow through all bodies of energy where blockings, embossments and memories reside.

Working process: Sit down for a moment before the session and observe your breathing. Take notice to how the body breaths in and out by itself. Do nothing to affect your breathing, don’t change it in any way, simply observe how the breathing is an automatic process that takes place.

Tell yourself that you now are willing to receive Nefertiti cosmic healing. You can also create a picture or a feeling of something you want help with.

If you want to you can charge a crystal or stone by simply holding it in your hand whilst you receive the healing.

If possible, have an intention concerning what it is that you wish to be healed from, or something specific you would like to get help with. It could be getting past an obstacle in your life, to fix relationships or to heal physical pain.

Try to picture the moment when that goal is for filled and try to fill yourself with that feeling. Become conscious of the processes which takes place in your body.

When Nefertiti cosmic healing is completed please lie down for a moment and let it integrate, associate with your body.

NKH terapeuts and teachers transmit every Wednesday from 20.00 to 20.15 pm.

Which teachers will be hosting each session is found on the website


music you could listen to if you would like:

Everyone who has attended stage 2 or the ”teachers course” are welcome to join and send healing every Wednesday between 20.00 and 20.15 pm. If you have only finished stage 1 you may join the flow. If you want healing, you may ask to receive.

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